Cut Out Single Initial Monogram Sterling Silver Ring

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You'll love the classic yet bold style of this personalized cut out script single initial sterling silver 0.925 ring. It's a stand out alone or worn with other rings.  See below and images for ring sizing.

Material: Sterling Silver 0.925  Thickness: 0.7mm / 0.03″

 Ring Sizing:The easiest & most accurate way of getting your ring size  is by having it measured at a jewelry shop or by a jeweler where they will use a ring gauge or finger sizer. North American ring sizes are measured with a numerical scale, UK sizes with an alphabet scale. Use the converter chart in the images below the main photo to find your ring size for you.  Follow the instructions below for measuring your ring size yourself.

Instructions for Measuring Your Finger Size: Use a strip of paper preferably ¼ inch wide and about 4 inches long or p piece of string. You’ll also need a tape and a marker. Tape one end of the paper to your knuckle part then wrap the paper around your finger. If you’re using tailors tape, mark your starting point with the marker. Make sure that there’s enough room for it to pass over your knuckles and to do that more accurately, If you’re using tailors tape.

  • Mark the other end of the paper that meets the taped end/ the point where the paper overlaps and where it forms a complete circle.
  • Using a ruler, measure the length of the strip of paper from the starting end with a tape up to the other end with a mark. In other words, measure the entire length of the paper that forms a ring or where it overlaps or meets around your finger.
  • Compare your measurement with the chart shown for correct sizes.
  • A suggestion: tape the two meeting ends together so it forms a paper ring. Once done, try to put on the paper ring to your measured finger and try to remove it. Measure at least twice to make sure you got your ring size correctly.

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Silver & Gold Jewelry Care Advice
Remove before swimming, showering or cleaning to avoid contact with chemicals like chlorine, detergents, lotions, soaps and shampoos which may damage your jewelry. Use a gentle jewelry polishing cloth to clean. Never use abrasives chemicals or products to clean your jewelry. Alcohol based products can tarnish gold and silver plated jewelry